Digilent adaptador para conector BNC (Osciloscopio USB)

Digilent adaptador para conector BNC (Osciloscopio USB)

Digilent adaptador para conector BNC (Osciloscopio USB)

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The BNC adapter card is intended for use with our product Oscilloscope USB (Analog Discovery). This adapter card allows the use of BNC connectors ending with test leads and probes. BNC termination is provided to each of the two channels of the oscilloscope USB . Each channel of the oscilloscope can be selected as AC or DC, which is coupled by adjusting the bridge is behind the BNC input connector that channel. Furthermore, the two AWG channels are also equipped with BNC terminations .

Users will be able to match the output impedance of the USB oscilospopio with either standard test leads or probes 50 ohms or be directly connected without the use of probes.


  • Allows use of test leads or probes with BNC terminals.
  • Selection of AC and DC coupler for oscilloscope probes.
  • Selectable output impedance 0 ohm or 50 ohm Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG).