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Robotics Kit Arduino compatible - POP-BOT

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The POP-BOT is the first of its kind with Arduino compatibility features packed into a mobile robotic platform. It comes complete with wheels, motors, sensors, software, documentation, etc... If you like the Arduino programming platform, you will LOVE POP-BOT. The POP-BOT MCU comes in 2 parts, the POP168 Module and the RBX168 board power module board.

POP-168 Module

POP-168’s pin assignment is similar BASIC Stamp module ( It includes RS-232 serial port communication circuit for downloading and data communication with computer. Arduino POP-168 module’s hardware is compatible with Arduino-mini in Arduino project(

RBX-168 Power Module

The RBX-168Robot controller board is a complete, low-cost development platform designed for those interested in learning and using Arduino POP-168 module in robotic applications. Its compact size, convenient features, and low price make it an ideal tool for the student and educator.

Features of the RBX-168 Power Module board

  • Screw terminal block for battery connections. It supports +4.8 to +12Vdc and has an on-board power switch.
  • +5Vdc switching regulator power supply circuit. It regulated the supply voltage for POP-168 module and all sensor ports.
  • 2-push button switch are connected with the digital port 2 (Di2) and 4 (Di4). Also connnedt with LED for indicator the operation.
  • 5-Universal port support Analog input function and Digital input/output function; An1 (Di15) to An5 (Di19).
  • 2-Analog input port ; An6 and An7. Both port pin are analog input only.
  • I2C bus port; An4 (SDA) and An5 (SCL).
  • RS-232 serial port interfacing.
  • 2-ch. DC motor driver with indicators. Support motor voltage 2.5 to 13.5Vdc.
  • 2-Servo motor output; connect with the digital port 7 (Di7) and 8 (Di8).
  • Piezo speaker connections (do not show in the figure; it is fixed at bottom circuit board of RBX-1689 board. It is connected with POP-168 An0/Di14 pin.

POP-BOT Package Items

  • POP-168 The Arduino-mini compatible microcontroller module.
  • RBX-168 Robot controller board with 4-AA battery holder.
  • Switch input board with JST cable (2 sets).
  • Infrared Reflector board with JST cable (2 sets).
  • GP2D120 Infrared distance sensor with JST cable.
  • Serial LCD 16 characters 2 lines module with LED backlight with Cable.
  • 48:1 ratio 4.5V DC motor gearbox with IDC cable (2 sets).
  • Standard servo motor (Operating voltage is 4.8 to 7.2Vdc).
  • Circle wheel and Tread rubber wheel set with 2mm. tapped-screw (2 sets).
  • 80x60 mm. and 80x80 mm. Plastic Grid plate set (2 sets).
  • Circle base with free ball wheel.
  • Plastic joiner and Strip joiner set (60 pieces of 3-type mix colored plastic joiner, 4 pieces of each 3/5/12 holes of Strip joiner).
  • Right-angled metal shaft set (4 pieces of each 1x2, 2x2, 2x5 Right-angled metal shaft).
  • Nuts and Screws set.
  • Line tracking demo paper sheet.
  • UCON-4 USB to serial converter cable for downloading and communication.
  • CD-ROM contains software tools, source code and documentation.


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