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Aqu iremos publicando proyectos interesantes relacionados con PIC's.
Si tienes algn proyecto o conoces alguno hecho con microcontroladores PIC que te parezca interesante avsanos.

#001 Servidor Web embebido diseado por Denis Petrov
WWW server hecho con el PIC16F84. Open source software/hardware.

#002 WWW2 Servidor Web embebido diseado por Vincent Sanders
WWW2 server hecho con el PIC16F84, basado en el diseo de Denis Petrov. Open source software/hardware.

#003 ARP/ICMP/UDP/IP con PIC usando una tarjeta de Red ISA diseado por J Borgaard
PIC connection to 3c509b ISA Ethernet card hecho con el PIC16F877. Open source software/hardware.

#004 Cliente de correo con el PIC16F877 y Seiko S7600A TCP/IP stack diseado por J.Winpenny
Embedded e-mail client hecho con el PIC16F877 y S7600A. Open source software/hardware.

#005 Receptor IR universal con el PIC12C509 diseado por Ties Bos
Universal IR receiver hecho con el PIC12C509. Open source software/hardware.

#006 Contador de frecuencia con el PIC16F84 y display LCD diseado por Peter Cousens
50 MHz frequency counter hecho con el PIC16F84 y display LCD. Open source software/hardware.

#007 Osciloscopio Digital y analizador lgico con el PIC16F84 diseado por Bitscope
Bitscope hecho con el PIC16F84. Open source software/hardware.

#008 Teclado - switch matrix keyboard decoder con salida paralela y serial
Keypad hecho con el PIC16F84. Open source software/hardware.

#009 Midi guitar usando el PIC16F84
Mike Rainbow's Midi guitar project hecho con el PIC16F84

#010 Muchos proyectos de PICs
Luhan Monat's Hobby projects with PICs

#011 Interfaz USB DMX
Ben Suffolk's USB DMX Lighting Interface


#001 Reproductor MP3 diseado por Jesper Hansen
Set de 4 reproductores de MP3 hechos con Atmel AVRs. Open source software/hardware.

#002 Contador Digital diseado por Jesper Hansen
30-40MHz digital counter with AT90S2313. Open source software/hardware.

#003 Mini DSS (Direct Digital Synthesis) diseado por Jesper Hansen
Mini DSS with AT90S2313. Open source software/hardware.

#004 Controlador de Temperatura diseado por Jesper Hansen
Temperature controller with AT90S2313 and DS1621. Open source software/hardware.

#005 Sintonizador de Guitarra diseado por Jesper Hansen
Guitar tuner with AT90S2323. Open source software/hardware.

#006 DDS VFO controlado con un AT90S2313 diseado por T. Matsumoto
DDS VFO with AT90S2323. HEX files and PCB patterns.

#007 SMS messenger con AVR diseado por Alberto Ricci Bitti
SMS message sender with ATtiny12.

#008 TV DVM con AT90S1200 diseado por Alberto Ricci Bitti
TV DVM with AT90S1200.


#001 MSP430F149 easyWeb - embedded web server with free TCP/IP stack written in C

Software: free TCP/IP stack for MSP430F149 written in C from IAR Systems AB, Sweden
Hardware: free hardware design for embedded web server with MSP430F149 microcontroller 4 layer PCB
Texas Instruments SLAA137 application note for MSP430 Internet connectivity.

#002 MSP430 design contest entries from Circuit Cellar magazine

Circuit Cellar MSP430 design contest winners

#003 MSP430 free C compiler!

GCC Toolchain for MSP430 by Dmitry Diky and Chris Liechti compatible with our MSP430-JTAG

#004 Selected projects with MSP430

MIDI-Encoder, Small-Operating-System, Receiver 0-50Mhz, USB

#005 MMC/SD interface to MSP430 by Rolf Freitag

MMC/SD interface

#006 DMX512 project done with MSP430 by Dirk Jagdmann

DMX512 project

#007 Open source integer BASIC interpreter for MSP430 by Paul Curtis

MSP430 Butterflay BASIC


#001 SAKAMOTO YASUHIRO's mother board for LPC-H40 source codes for LCD display and lot of useful information for LPC2106

#002 Senz tutorial for LPC-MT-2106 source codes for LCD display and information for LPC2106 programming

#003 Martin Thomas set of ARM projects

#004 Ulrich Radig DIY uClinux with step by step instructions how to build on LPC2194 i

#005 Hyok S. Choi tutorial on uClinux for SAMSUNG Arm (now we see where Ulrich was inspired from ;)

#006 Underbit open source MP3 decoder for ARM7

#007 ArmDBG Freeware ARM debugger project (not open source), still at beta version, supports LPT port ARM-JTAG, we cross fingers to be completed soon as there is no decent freeware Windows ARM debugger. The current version refused to load correctly the elf files to anything but LPC2129 ARM. We noticed few glitches in the interface and installation which could be easily removed in the future.